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Outside Agency Update
On Thursday, February 15, the County held a workshop for outside agencies and interested non-profits on how to apply for County funding. In the meeting, staff explained the Board's Three-Year Strategic Emphasis for achieving the Vision 2015 and how outside agencies (OSA) can request funding to contribute to achieving this vision.
As part of the FY08 application process, OSAs are asked to develop a business case including the following:
  • The service's link to a desired result on the Board's Community and Corporate Scorecard
  • The existence of a community need or problem, and why and how their service addresses this problem
  • Performance metrics for key activities that demonstrate an ability to impact a desired result
  • A budget request to perform the key activities.
OSAs were asked to submit FY08 funding applications and related documentation to the Office of Strategic Organizational Improvement by the close of business on Monday, March 12. Information updates and workshop materials are located on the County's website .
Board members who receive inquiries regarding the OSA process, please refer the agencies to Hyong Yi, Management and Budget Director, at (704) 336-6945 or
Wake County Crisis Services Visit
The Board received a report at its February 20 meeting from Area Mental Health regarding creating a continuum of services for the mentally ill as one strategy to reduce the County's need for jail beds. Planning for this continuum of services is moving forward, and Board members are invited to participate in that process.
On Friday March 23, 2007, you are invited to see the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) array of services in Wake County. CIT is a pre-booking, jail diversion program educating law enforcement officers in techniques to divert persons with mental illness from incarceration for misdemeanor charges. Wake County has had significant success with this program along with their Crisis Stabilization Unit. Transportation will be leaving Area Mental Health at 7:00a.m. on Friday March 23 for Raleigh, with an estimated return of 6:00p.m. Please contact Grayce Crockett at (704) 336-8638 or for more details and to register to attend.
In 2005, a review conducted by the County's Office of Strategic Organizational Improvement indicated concern regarding WTVI's relevance, performance and efficiency as it relates to County funding. At that time, staff identified the following broad choices for the Board to consider:
  1. Fund WTVI as a grant recipient.
  2. Fund WTVI based on status quo.
  3. Restructure the relationship as a partner similar to the Public Library.
  4. Divest all financial support of WTVI.
The Board noted that WTVI is a publicly owned facility and an asset that has significant potential to enhance the quality of life in Mecklenburg County. As a result, in December 2005, the Board requested the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Broadcasting Authority (MPPBA) participate with the County Manager in developing a long-term plan and business model that maximizes the community value of a publicly owned TV station. This plan and business model should consider the most appropriate business relationship between WTVI and Mecklenburg County.
The CMPBA directed three of its members -- Ed Griggs, Marilyn Bowler, Andy Lax – and WTVI President and CEO Elsie Garner to work with the County Manager's Office as requested by the Board. County Planning and Evaluation Director Leslie Johnson was offered to WTVI as the planning facilitator and General Manager John McGillicuddy was designated as the Manager's representative in the process.
The County's role was to provide facilitation and to offer input on the County's interests in raising public awareness of the County's responsibilities, services and results and in enhancing citizen involvement in civic affairs. A key premise was that the plan developed would be WTVI's plan, not the County's plan. However, since the Board was interested in how the plan might include the most appropriate business relationship between WTVI and Mecklenburg County, it was deemed reasonable that the County's interests be included as input into the planning process. The planning process began in the spring of 2006 and has continued with meetings nearly every month since that time.
Recently, the WTVI leadership provided a draft proposal of its business model for my review and reaction. Although WTVI's proposal included creating specific measures to evaluate its performance and value, I concluded the substance of the proposal is primarily status quo, which is inconsistent with the Board's intent. As a result, WTVI will reconsider the elements of its proposal and determine the feasibility of considering alternative models. We will update the Board as new details emerge.

--Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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