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April 17, 2008
Board Members to Visit with NCGA Delegation
On Monday, May 5, from 8 to 10a.m., Board members will host a breakfast meeting for the Mecklenburg delegation to the NC General Assembly. Representatives from the court system also will attend to present information to the delegation. The breakfast meeting will be in room 267 of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. This meeting will be an opportunity for Board members to share their thoughts about pending legislation and current issues with the delegation.

Board members who are unable to attend the breakfast meeting are asked to contact Deborah Goldberg at (704) 336-2611 or via email at
Area Mental Health Named Leader in North Carolina
Mecklenburg County’s Area Mental Health Authority (AMHA) was recognized recently as one of the top two mental health operations in the state. This designation comes as a result of a statewide assessment of the 25 mental health local management entities (LME) in North Carolina.
Mecklenburg County’s AMHA rated in the top tier for all three assessment areas as follows:
  • Financial and business management
  • Information technology and claims management
  • Clinical operations and governance
The performance level of the LMEs has a direct impact on how easily and quickly consumers can access services and the quality and effectiveness of the services they receive. Mecklenburg AMHA’s ratings are a testament to the commitment the Board, staff and community has to providing access to quality mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services.
N.C. Governor Mike Easley launched this first-ever evaluation to provide the state with an important tool to guide decision making about mental health services. DHHS Secretary Dempsey Benton said the report offers a comprehensive assessment of the key management functions that should be performed in a uniform and consistent manner across North Carolina. The assessment was conducted by Mercer Government Human Services Consulting on behalf of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
Regional Environmental Summit
Mecklenburg County is partnering with the City of Charlotte and Centralina Council of Governments to host a Regional Environmental Summit on May 2, 2008. The topic of the event is “Greening the Region – What Can We Do?” The purpose is to spur conversation and set priorities regarding environmental initiatives and their role in economic development.

This discussion on environmental issues has evolved as a result of the Centralina Council of Governments Visioning Project (a.k.a. CONNECT) and the newly released State of the Environment Report published by Mecklenburg County. The CONNECT effort has identified Sustainable Growth and the Environment as a core value.

The Mecklenburg County State of the Environment Report is a 20-year reflection on our local environmental issues from which a common theme of supporting “green development” emerges.
Both of these efforts have concluded that “Greening the Region” cannot occur without a joint discussion on environmental challenges and economic development.
This event is being organized for elected officials, municipal representatives, and economic development representatives from across the region. Speakers include:
  • Ronnie Bryant, Charlotte Regional Partnership
  • Robert Kee, Bank of America
  • Larry Shirley, NC State Energy Office
  • Scott Mouw, NC DENR Pollution Prevention Office
  • Jim Garges, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation
  • Rusty Rozzelle, Mecklenburg County Water Quality
The summit will include a morning plenary session with speakers on water quality, air quality, waste management, open space preservation, and green industries and development. These speakers will update the status of the environment in their area, and share best practices on greening the region and combating regional challenges. The afternoon session will include facilitated roundtable discussion where participants will be asked to consider what governments can do to green the region.
A formal invitation and agenda has been forwarded to Board members electronically. Please go to to register. For more information, Board members may contact Heidi Pruess at 704-336-5597 or
Update: Jail North Annex – Sprung Construction Project
As you will recall, in November 2007, the Board approved a plan to demolish the temporary Jail North Annex and replace it with a 320-bed stressed membrane housing unit and separate administration building. Hendrick Construction won the competitive bid as General Contractor (GC). The GC was given the notice to proceed for the sedimentation and erosion control portion of the project on January 28, 2008. Following, on March 6, 2008 the GC was given the notice to commence construction on the entire project.

The structures manufactured by Sprung, Inc. were delivered to the Jail North Annex site on April 4, 2008 and the erection process for the administration building is underway (see photo below). We anticipate erecting the administration building and housing unit will be completed by late-May, 2008. The entire construction process is expected to be fully completed in October 2008. This date is later than the initial project completion date of August 2008 due to the extended time required for permitting.
- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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