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June 6, 2008
Second Primary on June 24
By order of the North Carolina State Board of Elections Memorandum 2008-13, Mecklenburg County (and the rest of the State) will conduct a second primary election on June 24, 2008. This is a run-off primary for the position of Commissioner of Labor. Since this is a state office, the second primary will be conducted statewide.
Mecklenburg County Board of Elections did not plan or budget for conducting a second primary in FY2008. Approximately $400,000 will be required to conduct this primary. However, the Elections Office will be redirecting funds from its current budget to absorb this cost. The redirections will come from lapsed salaries, including $300,000 in unspent funds for temporary workers.
For further information, about the primary, please contact Michael Dickerson, Director of Elections, at 704-336-2133 or  via email.

MTS Pilots New Transportation Option
Effective Monday June 9, 2008, the Mecklenburg Transportation System (MTS) within the Department of Social Services is launching a voluntary bus pass pilot program for Medicaid recipients. The pilot will provide bus passes to customers, allowing them to schedule medical appointments at their convenience. If this pilot proves successful, this new approach should enhance flexibility and reduce waiting time for our customers, reduce the administrative burden on our staff to schedule trips, and reduce the cost of providing this mandatory service.
Currently transportation for Medicaid recipients is provided through contracted vendors (taxis, wheelchair transport companies, etc) or via MTS vehicles driven by County staff. Last year, the total cost of providing this service was $5,042,083. The North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance has expressed concerns about this cost, and we believe this presents an excellent opportunity to address those concerns.
During this pilot, callers who are healthy enough to use public transportation, and who live within proximity of transit lines, will be asked if they would like to use Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) bus/rail passes for their Medicaid-covered trips. Those who agree to participate will receive either a weekly or monthly bus pass, depending on need. If someone elects not to use bus passes during the pilot, they will continue receiving services as they have in the past.
The pilot will run through August 31. At that time, we will determine if this is viable as a permanent service method.
For further information, please contact General Manager Janice Allen Jackson at (704) 336-5253 or via email.
- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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