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June 13, 2008
Projected FY09 Funding for Public Safety-Related Services
Recently, we were asked to delineate public safety services and associated funding that is projected for the FY09 budget. Below is a summary of various items in the proposed FY09 budget, based on straw voting conducted by the Board earlier this week.
As you can see, the total projected cost is approximately $151.3 million in county dollars. This represents 14.6% of the total expenditures in county dollars in the projected FY09 budget.
You will notice we have included numerous services intended to have an impact on the safety and security of Mecklenburg residents, including direct crime fighting services the County funds, such as police services provided by CMPD in the Law Enforcement Service District (LESD). We also have included capital costs associated with public safety, such as debt service and paygo costs in FY09 for jails and courts.
For more information, please contact Hyong Yi, Management & Budget Director at (704) 336-6945 or email.

- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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