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August 22, 2008
County Facility Security
Maintaining safe and secure facilities for County employees, customers and visitors is one of our business imperatives. As a result, effective August 22, we will implement several steps to enhance safety and security at County-owned buildings.
The business strategy for these changes focuses on ensuring that facility security is as convenient as possible to employees, customers, and visitors without compromising the safety and security. This will include developing and implementing facility safety/security plans for each County-owned facility that include both prevention and intervention (response) services. This approach allows us to tailor the security approach at each building to address unique circumstances and the particular needs of our customers and employees at these facilities.
One of the most important changes is aligning facility safety and security with overall facility management. As a result, accountability for facility security has been assigned to the County’s Real Estate Services Department (RES). We also have named RES Division Director Vic Reece as Interim Facility Security Coordinator (a full-time Facility Security Coordinator will be named in the near future). This management structure will enable greater consistency in coordinating security with other facility management responsibilities. It also provides needed clarity for County departments about who to contact with facility security needs and concerns.
Another critical change is outsourcing the transporting of funds from County facilities to financial institutions. This change will improve our flexibility to make timely and safe deposits from various County facilities. We also will contract with private security firms to provide armed and unarmed security staff at County facilities as appropriate. We will work with local law enforcement, such as CMPD, to coordinate supplemental response needs.
Each of these changes is consistent with best practices in public and private sectors. They also are consistent with the recommendations provided in 2007 by ISS, a facility security consultant.
As a result of these changes, we will be dissolving the facilities security unit that has been managed within in the Sheriff’s Office for the past 3 years. Nearly half of the 20 position within this unit are vacant, and have been extremely difficult to fill. The Sheriff supports the dissolution of this unit (as well as the other changes), and will identify alternative positions within the Sheriff’s Office for those whose positions are eliminated from this unit. Also, Human Resources Department staff is working with these employees to explain their options under the County’s Reduction in Force (RIF) policy. We do not anticipate any layoffs from this change.
Please note that these changes exclude security at court facilities, which will continue to be provided by Sheriff’s deputies. It also does not include park facility safety and security, which is being considered as part of a different process.
For additional details on these changes, please contact General Manager John McGillicuddy, 704-336-2621.

Personnel Update
I am pleased to inform the Board that Michelle Lancaster’s position has been reclassified to General Manager (her previous position was Associate General Manager). This change reflects expanded job requirements being performed at a high level by Michelle for some time. These current responsibilities include executive management of the Justice and Safety Task Force, planning the temporary jail facilities and jail master plan, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the County Manager’s Office.
- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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