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September 26, 2008
County Vehicle Fuel Update
On Thursday, September 25, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area experienced a significant shortage of vehicle fuel. These shortages are the result of Hurricane Ike disrupting fuel production and distribution operations that supply this region. This system has not yet returned to its capacity for producing and distributing fuel to area vendors (gas stations) and other major fuel users including Mecklenburg County government.
In the short term, County drivers were able to access fuel either at area stations that had supplies or at the County’s two fueling locations (the 12th Street garage and Billinglsey Road). However, when it became more difficult for County drivers to obtain fuel at area stations, the County’s fuel reserves were impacted. Yesterday (9/25), the County’s fuel reserves diminished to the point where temporary fuel restrictions were enacted at the County’s fueling locations. These restrictions limited fueling to only public safety vehicles (e.g., police, sheriff, fire; MEDIC has its own separate fuel supply).
Earlier today (9/26), we received approximately 7,400 gallons for County reserves. This will allow us to ease but not eliminate the fueling restrictions. As a result, we will provide fuel for high-priority vehicle use, primarily those associated with public safety and public health services (e.g., police, sheriff, fire, health inspection, code enforcement, child protection services). Exceptions to this fueling limitation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Although we anticipate receiving additional fuel deliveries today – for area gas stations and for the County’s fueling locations -- we continue to reinforce with department directors the need to be extremely judicious in the use of County vehicles at this time. When feasible, County vehicle use should be limited or delayed.
We will update the Board on this situation as needed. For additional information, please contact General Manager John McGillicuddy, 704-336-2661.
- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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