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November 14, 2008
November 19 is GIS Day
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Uptown Library will host Mecklenburg County’s annual GIS Day activities on Wednesday, November 19, beginning at 9 a.m. GIS is an acronym for geographic information systems and is most commonly associated with maps. However, a more sophisticated understanding is that GIS allows customers and businesses to combine data with geography, gain new insights, and make better, more informed decisions.
GIS activities and exhibits include free GIS training in the virtual village lab, tours of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Mobile Operations Center, and a Geography Bee for 4th through 8th graders.
GIS Day is part of the National Geographic Society’s Geography Action, a year-long initiative encompassing key educational opportunities such as GIS-Day and Geography Awareness Week. For more information and a complete schedule of activities, visit

AMH Update:
Reduction in Targeted Case Management
Developmentally disabled adults in Mecklenburg County will soon have new service providers as Area Mental Health eliminates the Provided Services Organization’s (PSO) Targeted Case Management services.
Due to a staggering 36% rate reduction for Targeted Case Management, it is no longer financially feasible for the PSO to directly provide this service for adults. The PSO has a small segment of this business; serving only 80 consumers in our community. And while the PSO’s qualified staff has long been dedicated to improving outcomes for adult developmental disability consumers, this is simply not enough volume to justify the service financially.
Area Mental Health is committed to assuring that the consumers affected by this reduction continue to receive appropriate services. AMH will be working with the largest targeted case management agencies in the community to make an appropriate transition plan based on the individual needs of each consumer. AMH expects these transitions to be seamless and consumers should not experience any disruption in services.
There are 58 adult consumers who will transition to a local provider of their choice, and 20 consumers who are in YFS custody and will continue receiving targeted case management services through the PSO. The remaining consumers will be discharged based on the achievement of goals outlined in their Person-Centered Plan.
There are five PSO staff members that have provided targeted case management services and will also be affected by this reduction. They will each be offered alternative positions within the PSO.

United Way 211 Partnership to be Dissolved
As many are aware, the United Way of Central Carolinas (UWCC) has been facing tremendous challenges during this years’ campaign. Anticipating substantial shortfalls, the UWCC has had to assess their services in order to be as efficient as possible during these difficult times. Dissolution of the UWCC 211 service, currently operated in partnership with DSS, is one of the decisions made to cut costs. Mecklenburg County residents will continue to dial 2-1-1, but will receive this service through the United Way Centralized Call Center in Raleigh, NC as opposed to local call takers.
Mecklenburg County and UWCC will continue to provide partnership services through December of 2008. The County will have no financial obligation to support the NC United Way 211 effort. Dissolution of the partnership will have no negative financial affect on the County.
The following agreement has been reached to ensure a smooth transition of this dissolution:
  • UWCC and Mecklenburg County DSS will continue to provide services in partnership through December 31, 2008;
  • A copy of the complete database information will be made available for transfer to the United Way North Carolina office, and UWCC will assume all costs associated with the transfer of local 2-1-1 service to the centralized call center, including telecommunications and data conversion;
  • All Mecklenburg County equipment (laptops, telephones; etc.) utilized by UWCC after-hours staff will be returned to Mecklenburg County DSS upon termination of services; all terminal server access, internet connectivity, and digital telephone line service provided by Mecklenburg County will be terminated as well.
Mecklenburg County Information and Technology staff is working in conjunction with DSS to ensure a smooth transition of services. We believe we can implement this change in a way that will be invisible to our customers.
Board members who would like additional information on this process should contact the County’s Service’s For Adults Division Director Rodney Adams at 704-353-1594 or via email.
New Commissioner Orientation
New Commissioner Orientation will be on Monday, November 17 from 2-5pm in the 11th floor large conference room, CMGC. This is an important meeting for all Commissioners-elect to learn about their employee benefits, receive identification badges, and hear updates from staff. Any newly elected Commissioners who have questions about Monday’s orientation may contact Rebecca Herbert, Assistant to the County Manager, 704-336-2628 or via email.
- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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