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September 18, 2009


Recovery Act Update

After the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) became law in February, the Manager's Office organized a staff team to match funding opportunities with County needs. Staff members from several County departments identified ARRA grant opportunities, and submitted applications after receiving Board approval. In addition, some ARRA funding is provided based on federal formula and does not require a grant submission. Below is an update of these efforts:

Community Support Services
  • Awarded $500,000 from the US Department of Justice Office on Violence against Women

  • Awarded $2.6 million for Torrence Creek Restoration Project
  • Applying for up to $649,500 from Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
  • Awarded $1.1million in G.R.A.D.E. (Grants to Replace Aging Diesel Engines) funds

Park and Recreation

  • Applied for $1 million for Park Road Park Lake Project; project was not selected
  • Awarded $1.25 million from NCDOT for the completion of Toby Creek Greenway
  • Applied to NCDOT for $1.1million to build the West Branch Rocky River Greenway

Real Estate Services

  • Applied for $649,500 allocation from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant to install solar hot water systems

Sheriff's Office

  • Awarded $1 million from the U.S. Dept of Justice through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in formula pass-though grant funds

Social Services

  • Received $2.7 million in Medicaid savings
  • Received $551,000 from the NCDOT Recovery Act 2009 Federal Transit Capital Assistance Section 5311 Grant
  • Received $234,487 in Food and Nutrition Services Revenue
  • Received Board approval to apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Emergency Contingency Funds

Other Agencies

There also are additional ARRA funds coming into this community to other governmental and non-profit agencies for initiatives in which the County may be a partner:

  • City of Charlotte Economic Development - $1.6 million for Youth Employment Program
  • City of Charlotte Neighborhood Development - $1.9 million for homeless initiatives
  • City of Charlotte Engineering & Property Management - $577,000 for its participation in the Revolution Pond Project
  • CW Williams Health Center - $226,000 to offset the cost of health care for those without health care insurance
  • CPCC - $745,957 for job training
  • Child Care Resources – $5.8 million from the federal government to pay for child care services

For more information, Board members may contact Assistant to the County Manager Nyki Hardy at 704-432-2171 or via email at Nykizza.Hardy@MecklenburgCountyNC.Gov.

FY2011-2013 Strategic Business Plan

Each year, October ushers in the County’s strategic planning process. During the autumn and winter months, we look back to assess our performance and look forward to revisit and/or revise our strategic priorities.

This year, our strategic planning process will look beyond the coming fiscal year to also consider the Board’s strategic emphasis for FY2011-FY2013. This process will culminate with the Board updating its strategic business plan for this next three-year cycle. The current three-year business plan runs through the end of FY2010 (June 2009).

At its October 6 meeting, the Board will receive details about this strategic planning process, including a proposed schedule. In general, this process will:


  • Review our current performance using the Board’s Community & Corporate Scorecard results
  • Assess the efficacy of the strategies we are using to achieve desired results, focusing primarily on addressing red and yellow lights on the Board’s Scorecard
  • Identify areas of strategic emphasis for the next three years
  • Identify the Board’s priorities based on this strategic emphasis

We anticipate using the Board’s workshops to address a number of these areas, building toward the Board’s annual Strategic Planning Conference (SPC) in February 2010. This may require adding a few workshop dates to the existing schedule, which will be discussed as part of the staff briefing on this topic at the October 6 meeting.


Board members with initial questions about this process should contact Management and Budget Director Hyong Yi at 704-336-6945 or via email at Hyong.YI@MecklenburgCountyNC.Gov.

September 22 Meeting on CIP


On September 22, the Board will hold a special meeting to discuss the status of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) adopted by the Board. This meeting serves as a prelude to establishing capital spending and borrowing allocations this fall.


At the request of Chairman Roberts, we have invited representatives of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (including the Board of Education), Central Piedmont Community College, and the Public Library to brief the Board on their priorities and costs of capital projects authorized within the current CIP. We also have asked these agencies to specify any changes in priorities and costs from the CIP. Park and Recreation Director Jim Garges also was asked to provide a briefing on this topic as well. Although there are other County projects in the CIP, no presentations will be provided on these projects at the meeting. However, Finance Department staff will start the meeting with background information on the CIP that includes these other authorized projects and costs.


The meeting will be held from 2 – 4 p.m. in room 267 of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. We ask that Board members make every effort to arrive on time because there is a lot to cover in relatively little time. To facilitate time management, each agency has been asked to limit their briefing to a specific time allotment. CMS has been allotted up to 30 minutes, with the Finance Department, CPCC, Public Library, and the Park & Recreation Department being allotted up to 15 minutes each. This should allow sufficient time for the briefing, Q&A and discussion.

Board members with questions about the meeting should contact General Manager John McGillicuddy at John.McGillicuddy@MecklenburgCountyNC.Gov or 704-336-2661.

DSS Employment Grant


At its September 1, 2009 meeting, the Board approved having Mecklenburg County DSS submit an ARRA grant proposal to establish a subsidized employment program. At that time, the grant request amount was for $19,848,366 to employ 1,000 low-income people in one year. At the request of the N.C. Department of Social Services (NCDSS) -- which is partnering with us in the grant request -- the proposal is being revised to request $10,725,866 to employ 500 low-income people. NCDSS sought this change as a more realistic goal. If the grant is approved, the funds are expected to last from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010. DSS will have an opportunity to amend the plan on a monthly basis to increase the number employed to 1,000 once the program is implemented.

- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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