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Board Bulletin

Februrary 4, 2011

2010 Community Health Assessment Available

Every four years, Mecklenburg Healthy Carolinians and the Mecklenburg County Health Department conduct an extensive examination of Mecklenburg County’s overall community health through a state-developed process known as community health assessment (CHA). The CHA is required every four years by the State of North Carolina Public Health Department Consolidated Contract with local health departments.

In addition to providing a picture of the community’s health, CHA meets requirements for state accreditation of local health departments, the state consolidated contract with local health departments, and certification by the Governor’s Task Force on Healthy Carolinians. Findings from the CHA are used by the Health Department for strategic planning and by Healthy Carolinians to develop or endorse collaborative community action addressing identified priority issues. Highlights from the CHA indicated the following: 

  • Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the leading causes of death in Mecklenburg County, but mortality rates from heart disease, cancer, and stroke have been declining over the past five years.
  • Disparate outcomes in mortality for racial/ethnic groups persist.
  • From 1995-2008, the pregnancy rate for teens ages 15-19 decreased by 27%.
  • In 2009, approximately 35% of adults reported elevated cholesterol; 29% high blood pressure; 64% overweight or obesity; 21% no physical exercise in the past month; 17% current smoking; and 78% eating less than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

The Board will be briefed on the CHA at its February 15 meeting. To review the CHA report in its entirety you may visit the following link: 2010 Community Health Assessment.

Board members with questions should contact Public Health Department Director Dr. Wynn Mabry at 704-336-2610 or via email.

Redistricting Advisory Committee
During the Strategic Planning Conference, the Board voted to appoint an advisory committee to consider census data and make recommendations on proposed changes to the geographic boundaries of the Board’s districts. Each member of the Board will appoint one member of the advisory committee. Please provide your appointment’s name and contact information (phone and email) to Assistant to the County Manager Brian Francis by February 15, 2011. Board members can contact Brian at 704-336-2661 or via email

Executive Team Accountabilities

At the Board’s February 1 meeting, a request was made for information regarding the oversight accountabilities of the County Manager and General Managers. It should be noted that these four positions comprise the County’s Executive Team. This Executive Team is responsible for implementing Board and management policy throughout the organization, providing executive-level oversight of and direction to department leaders based on the Board’s Community & Corporate Scorecard Focus Areas. Therefore, accountability is assigned as follows:

  • Community Health & Safety – General Manager Michelle Lancaster
  • Sustainable Community – General Manager Bobbie Shields
  • Social, Education & Economic Opportunity – County Manager Harry Jones
  • Effective & Efficient Government – General Manager John McGillicuddy.

Consistent with the County’s organizational chart, department directors report to the Executive Team as a group rather than to individual members of the Executive Team. This team-based approach fosters cross-functional and cross-department planning and oversight and avoids silos that are the typical consequence of traditional hierarchical structures.

However, from a practical standpoint, department directors need clarity on which member of the Executive Team they should interact to provide information and/or receive direction. Therefore, each department director is assigned to a General Manager as their primarily liaison to the Executive Team (the exception to this is the Internal Audit Director, who reports directly to the County Manager). This primary liaison assignment (provided below) is based on the preponderance of the department’s services within a particular Focus Area. For example, the majority of services provided by the County’s Park and Recreation Department fall into the Sustainable Community Focus Area. Therefore, General Manager Bobbie Shields serves as the primarily liaison for Jim Garges. As a result, for most day-to-day matters, Mr. Garges interacts with Mr. Shields.

Still, it is not uncommon for issues to arise (e.g., customer service, human resources, facility maintenance, etc.) that involve other general managers. In such cases, the onus is on the general manages to coordinate their involvement with the department. Some departments have such diversified services that the directors work most closely with separate general managers for different services. For example, Real Estate Services Director Mark Hahn (and staff) works most frequently with General Manager John McGillicuddy on facility maintenance operations, while Mr. Hahn works most frequently with Mr. Shields on capital project management projects (e.g., construction). Again, there is ongoing communication and collaboration between these general managers to ensure consistency in direction while enabling diversity of expertise. This approach also enables flexibility and back-up if one general manager is not available at any given time to address an issue.

Executive Team Member Accountability

Michelle Lancaster** (Community Health & Safety)

  • Human Services Agency (AMH, DSS, CSS, Health)
  • Sheriff’s Office^
  • Pre-trial Services
  • Criminal/State Justice Services (e.g., District Attorney’s Office^, Law Enforcement, etc.)
Social, Education & Economic Opportunity
  • Child Support Enforcement

Bobbie Shields (Sustainable Community)

  • Economic Development
  • Land Use & Environmental Services Agency (code enforcement, solid waste, air quality, water & land quality)
  • Park and Recreation
  • Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC)##
  • Real Estate Services (capital infrastructure planning, capital project management)

John McGillicuddy (Effective & Efficient Government)

  • Citizen Involvement
  • Finance/Tax Collection
  • Human Resources
  • Information Services & Technology
  • Elections Office#
  • Real Estate Services (facility maintenance & security, fleet management)
  • Register of Deeds Office^
  • Public Service & Information
  • Tax Assessor (LUESA)
  • Office of Strategic Organizational Improvement (SOI)
  • Organizational Development

Harry Jones (Social, Education & Economic Opportunity)

  • CPCC
  • CMS
  • Public Library  

*Internal Audit Department reports to the County Manager.
**Michelle Lancaster oversees the County Manager’s Office staff functions including SJS analysts, the Attorney’s Office and Clerk to the Board.
#Elections Director is appointed by and reports to the Board of Elections.
##MTC is the governance board for CATS, which is managed by the City of Charlotte.
^Managed by elected official

2011 NACo Legislative Conference
The 2011 National Association of Counties (NACo) Legislative Conference will be held March 5-8 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The NACo Legislative Conference is designed to identify and discuss legislative needs of counties. The Conference includes presentations by national leaders, updates on potential and pending legislation, and forums on legislative priorities affecting county government and county residents. It also provides an opportunity for elected and appointed official to network and exchange information in a national forum.

In addition to the conference related events, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) will host a breakfast on March 9. The purpose of this meeting is to learn from federal staff about grant funding opportunities that can assist with Mecklenburg County priority areas.

Board members interested in attending the NACo Conference and who need staff assistance with registration and/or accommodations should contact Deputy Clerk Tonette Spears at 704-36-2664 or via email.

Board members interested in participating in meeting with members of the federal administration on March 9 should contact Assistant to the County Manager Brian Francis at 704-336-2611 or via email.

-- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager 

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