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Board Bulletin
January 24, 2014

Board Bulletin Gets a New Look

With this week’s edition, the Board Bulletin has a new format and a new design to simplify and enhance the reader’s experience, especially for those viewing with mobile devices.

We are also updating how the Board Bulletin is delivered. From now on, it will be in a simple email format, allowing readers to see the document in the body of the email; no PDFs or additional clicks necessary.

Each week’s Board Bulletin will also include a link to the calendar of upcoming community meetings with the manager and senior County staff. The calendar can also be found on the County Manager’s page.

Board members with questions about the Board Bulletin should contact Danny Diehl, Director of BSSA-Public Information.

County Assessor’s Office Begins Planning for Next Reappraisal

The County Assessor’s Office is starting 2014 by planning for the next Mecklenburg County property reappraisal. Staff is looking at current and future office space needs, organizational structure and staffing needs of the Real Property Division, staff training and other issues as they develop a timeline.

In addition, the Assessor’s Office is developing a plan to gather and review field property characteristics. This will include a complete list of neighborhoods deemed to have “major issues” by Pearson Appraisal Services (PAS). Other neighborhoods deemed to have “minor issues” or less by PAS will be prioritized by the Assessor’s Office and reviews will be completed by a mixture of field visits, visual inspections, and/or combinations of both. Staff will also continue their data cleaning process.

In February, the Assessor’s Office will hold a one-day “reappraisal summit” with real property staff to discuss goals, expectations, and preliminary plans and to allow staff input into the process. This will allow time for staff to participate constructively in the formulation of the next reappraisal.

The contract with Pearson Appraisal Service states that they will complete the monthly reports for approval by the Board of County Commissioners by February 2015. I do not know how long the appeals will take beyond that date, but I believe that we can plan for PAS to be here at least until late 2015 in some capacity.

With that in mind, I recognize that the Board of County Commissioners has not set a date for the next reappraisal. I have asked the Assessor to recommend a reappraisal date as part of his review process. The planning efforts that the Assessor’s Office has started is a necessary step in the decision-making process. We currently have our eye on 2017, knowing that the eight-year mark of 2019 will be closely approaching at that time.

Board members with questions about the Assessor’s Office planning process should contact County Assessor Ken Joyner.

Floodplain Remapping

February is a threshold month for the countywide floodplain remapping initiative. Across the country, floodplain maps are used to determine building and construction regulations and flood insurance areas by identifying the Special Flood Hazard Area where problems exist.

On February 5, draft floodplain maps for the western portion of Charlotte-Mecklenburg advance to Preliminary Status. Preliminary is one step before the maps become official. In Preliminary status, the new floodplain maps can be used for local building regulations. However, the new floodplain maps for western watersheds will not be used yet for flood insurance purposes. New floodplain maps for the western portion of the County will not become effective until 2015.

On February 19, new floodplain maps become effective for the central and southeastern portions of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. On that date, the new floodplain maps will become official in that portion of the County for all local building regulation and for flood insurance purposes. More information, including a County map which shows the remapping phases, is available online.

During the past four years, outreach to property owners about the floodplain mapping process has included at least nine public meetings, four direct mailings and two water bill inserts. During public meetings, property owners met individually with Storm Water Services staff to ask questions and make comments. Residents have also been able to view and comment on the proposed maps through a flood map review website. Letters are being mailed to all property owners affected by the new maps in the central and southeastern portions of the county. Later this spring, more public meetings will be held to show the preliminary maps to residents of western watersheds.

For more information, contact Floodplain Administrator Bill Tingle of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services at 704-336-3734.

-- Dena Diorio, County Manager

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