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FY09 Budget

FY 2009 Budget

Final FY 09 Budget Documents

June 17 The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a budget for FY 09 on Tuesday, June 17. The Board changed the budget approved in the June 10 straw voting by providing an additional $2 million for public safety and crime fighting. The money will come from technology, capital reserve, employee compensation, and post employment benefits, with each losing $500,000 in funding. The budget totals $1.5 billion and the tax rate remains at 83.87 cents per $100 of valuation.

Final FY 2009 Document With Tabs (pdf)
Budget Ordinance (doc)
Budget Ordinance Contingency (xls)
Budget Ordinance Fund Schedule (xls)
CMS Education Budget (xls)
Board Compensation & Allowances (xls)  


June 10 In straw voting on Tuesday, June 10, the Board of County Commissioners approved by a 5-4 vote the County Manager's Recommended FY 09 Budget with the following adjustments: 

  • State Justice Services: added $1 Million for DA support, DA salary supplement, additional district attorneys, electronic monitoring, and park security
  • CPCC: added $800,000 to operating budget
  • Commissioners: added $10,000 for protocol expenses
  • Health: added $272,000 for School Nurses and $214,000 for Pre-natal Clinic
  • WTVI: added $500,000 for public square - a new civic channel
  • Metrolina Aids Project: added $57,389
  • The Relatives: added $25,000
  • Salvation Army: added $37,500
  • Shelter for Battered Women: added 56,144
  • Community Support Services: added $47,000 for domestic violence

All other recommendations from the Manager were accepted in full by the Board.

Commissioners Budget Straw Voting Worksheet (xls) 
Straw Voting Workshop Presentation (ppt) 

County Manager's Recommended FY 09 Budget

County Manager's Remarks to the Board (doc)
Recommended FY09 Budget Presentation (ppt)
Recommended FY09 Budget Document (pdf)
News Release (rtf)
Manager's Remarks to Employees (doc)
Manager's Capital Budget Remarks
Capital Budget Presentation (ppt)

Watch the Manager present the Recommended Budget at the May 20 Board Meeting

Previous FY 09 Presentations/Documents

Budget Kick-off Presentation (ppt) 
Preliminary Revenue/Expense Presentation (ppt) 
(Watch the Meeting and Presentation
Program Review Executive Overview (ppt) 
Fleet Maintenance Consolidation Proposal (ppt) 
Park & Recreation Master Plan (ppt) 
Employee Compensation Strategy (ppt) 
Reserve Funding Strategy (ppt)




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