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About Budget Dashboards

About Budget Dashboards

Mecklenburg County government provides three types of interactive dashboards – Performance, Enterprise and Department – as a way to help monitor progress. Each dashboard offers an easy-to-use visualization of financial or program evaluation information (or both) using  graphs and charts. 

The Enterprise dashboard
presents broad department information, county-wide monthly revenue and expense activity, economic indicators and a “What if Lab”  that allows the user to plug in information and explore various scenarios.

The Performance dashboard tracks achievement and progress toward the goals of the Community and Corporate scorecard, and includes results that measure the success of a service or program.

The Department dashboards show the individual department monthly budget and financial picture. Other information includes the most recent program review results and the Budget Evaluation Survey Tool (BEST).


 Department Dashboards

Area Mental Health
Business Support Services Agency
Child Support Enforcement
Community Support Services
County Assessor's Office
Criminal Justice Services
Department of Social Services
Economic Development
Geospatial Information Services
Internal Audit
Land Use and Environment
Manager’s Office
Medical Examiner
Park and Recreation
Provided Services Organization
Public Health
Register of Deeds
Tax Collector

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