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Consolidation Options for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Over the past few months, Mecklenburg County departments and Library staff has been studying the possible consolidation of several internal Library services with County departments. The staff Steering Committee recently finalized its recommendations, presented them to us, and we have agreed in principle to the proposal.

The Board of County Commissioners called for this study as part of a FY11 Library funding contingency that also included the creation of The Future of the Library Task Force as a separate process. The Task Force is meeting now through next February, and will present its findings to both boards next March.

The next step regarding possible consolidation is the Steering Committee recommendations to be considered by the six-member Board of Trustees and County Commission. We are making arrangements to convene the subcommittee in the next few weeks. The subcommittee will make final recommendations to both boards.

Steering Committee Recommendations Summary    Steering Committee Final Report 

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