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Criminal Justice Advisory Group

The Criminal Justice Advisory Group (CJAG) is a forum for criminal justice system decision makers to discuss systemic challenges and, where practical, coordinate activity among the various agencies and programs. Members seek to identify common goals and priorities, implement strategies, and monitor performance in an effort to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of public safety in Mecklenburg County.  

Members include: the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, Chief District Court Judge, District Attorney, Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Public Defender, Chiefs of Police (6), County General Manager, Charlotte City Manager, Trial Court Administrator, and other stakeholders from the criminal justice system. 

Standing Committees

IT Governance

The IT Governance committee exists to improve the utilization and integration of information technologies within the criminal justice systems. In 2010, the committee formulated the Criminal Justice Information Systems Strategic Plan, the purpose of which is to “create, integrate, and operate automated systems that support accurate and timely information exchange” among local agencies.

Justice in the Community

The Justice in the Community committee seeks to identify and leverage community resources to address criminal behavior and reduce recidivism. At present, the committee is actively engaged in the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), a federally-sponsored, strategic planning effort that seeks to identify cost savings opportunities and implement alternative strategies which reduce crime and increase public safety.




Minutes and Agendas

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