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Fine Collection

The role of the Fine Collection Program is to:
  • Hold accountable convicted defendants who have been assessed monetary sanctions and placed on unsupervised probation;
  • Improve the credibility of the judiciary through the collection of monetary sanctions in unsupervised probation cases;
  • Remove from the courtroom the unseemly and time-consuming bartering over payment terms;
  • Proactively pursue the collection of monetary sanctions for the target population;
  • Ameliorate overcrowding of the jails due to non-compliance; and
  • Improve the monetary collection rate for the target population.

The program performs the collection of most court levied fines and costs in the amount of $200 or more for those who have been placed on unsupervised probation. The department employs phone calls, warning letters, violation notices, and orders for arrest to compel delinquent payments. The coordination and enforcement efforts of this programensure accountability on the part of the defendant and maintain the credibility of the court.

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