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Registration of Septic Tank Contractors

North Carolina Laws and Rules For Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems require that any person other than the owner of a residence, place of business, or place of public assembly, who engages in the business of constructing, installing, or repairing wastewater systems register with the local health department in each county where he/she operates before beginning work.

List of Registered Septic Contractors (.pdf)

Why should I register?

Annual registration is conducted to satisfy the sewage regulation requirements of 15A NCAC 18A. 1937(l) and to streamline our permitting and inspectionprocess. Registration with our office prior to installing a system allows GWS staff to quickly verify that your NCOWCICB license is current and that you possess the proper grade level certification required for the installation. This should minimize the time it takes for you to receive Installation Approvals and Operation Permits. Also, the registration information you provide will be used to generate a list of licensed septic system contractors and inspectors providing services in Mecklenburg County. This list has proven to be a valuable resource for our customers and is provided to them upon request. A copy of this list will be placed on this website and updated on a routine basis.

How do I register?

Effective January 1, 2008 in order to become a registered contractor with our office you must first obtain licensure through the North Carolina On-Site Wastewater Contractors and Inspectors Certification Board (NCOWCICB).  For information and questions related to licensure please visit the NCOWCICB website.

Once you have received your license from the NCOWCICB, complete the registration form below and submit to our office.  Instructions along with phone numbers and address are listed on the form.  Please make sure to include photocopies of your license(s) when submitting the registration form.  Registration is required annually.  Groundwater & Wastewater Services will mail out registration notices by December 5th of each year. 

Contractors that are not registered must provide evidence of a current license and must possess the appropriate certification grade level (I, II, III, IV) issued by the NCOWCICB to install the system prior to receiving an Installation Approval from our office.  

Download the Registration Form by clicking the following link:

 > Septic Contractor Information Package (.pdf) 


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