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Problems With Your Water

There is an odor or bad taste to the water

  • Problem
    There is a rotten egg taste and odor; the water runs silver black.
  • Source
    Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Solution
    Chlorinate the well system and then add an oxidizing filter.

Stains on sink, tub and toilet

  • Problem
    There are red or blue-green stains in the sink or bath tub.
  • Source
    Low pH
  • Solution
    pH 6.2 to 6.8  Add a neutralizer
    pH below 6.2 Add soda ash feeder

Deposits on Faucet heads, Pots and Pans

  • Problem
    The inside of the pipes and the water heater are scaly and curds that look like cottage cheese form on the dishes and clothes.
  • Source
  • Solution
    80 to 300 ppm add a water softener

Water is discolored or it stains the laundry

  • Problem
    The water is discolored; it stains towels, sheets, clothes and plumbing fixtures; the flavor of coffee and tea are affected.
  • Source
    Iron and Manganese
  • Solution
    0.3 to 3 ppm - Add polyphosphate followed by softener
    3 to 10 ppm - install an oxidizing filter
    3 to 25 ppm - chlorinate, aerate and filter

Particles in the Water

  • Problem
    There are particles in the water
  • Source
    Suspended Matter
  • Solution
    Add a sand filter


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