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2015 Benefit Selection Plan Timeline

Update to Benefit Plan
August 27- After a thorough review of comparative medical plans, County Manager Dena R. Diorio has chosen to maintain the current CIGNA Medicare supplement plan for retirees.
Update to Benefit Plan
June 12 - County Manager Dena Diorio updates retirees on potential vendors responding to an RFP for providing future benefits.
Medicare Eligible Retiree Benefits
May 2 - Watch this video as it describes the County's process in regarding benefits and health coverage to retirees.
Diorio Thanks Retirees for the Face-to-Face Benefits Discussion
April 30 - County Manager Dena Diorio and Deputy Manager Chris Peek recently meet with hundreds of County retirees to discuss options for medical benefits.

Afterwards, she thanked the group for the invite and reiterated her commitment to maintaining their benefits.
Read the thank-you note here.


County Manager Meets with Retirees
April 22 - County Manager Dena Diorio and Deputy County Manager Chris Peek met with hundreds of Mecklenburg County retirees to discuss benefits.
Diorio and Peek reassured those gathered for the regular Charlotte-Mecklenburg Governmental Retirees Association meeting that they were committed to providing retirees with the level of medical coverage they were promised.
In addition:
  • There is no interest nor will we approve a reduction in the benefit or its value to retirees
  • If a plan design change is made, retirees will not experience additional out of pocket costs above what you currently experience.  In fact, we believe there are opportunities in some cases to actually reduce those costs to retirees.
  • We are still in the early stages of exploring possible plan design options that meet the standards just mentioned.  No decisions have been made about a plan change.  After exploring all of the options, if we were not able to provide retirees with an equal or better level of benefit, we would not pursue the change.
  • The process of reviewing plan options will take several more months at which time we will come back to you and update you on what we’ve learned.
  • County HR staff also presented an overview of the current status of the discussion and a timeline for the project that are attached below.
View the entire Retirees Presentation and Timeline.

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