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Social Work Addendum Form, Transcripts and Application Information

In addition to the online application, applicants for social work positions with both the Department of Social Services and Community Support Services should submit the Social Work Addendum Form.  Applicants without social work degrees should also submit transcripts.

The best method to submit this document is by attaching it to the online application.  This can be accomplished either before or after the online application for a social work job opening has been submitted. 

The Social Work Addendum Form is available for download or print-out in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Notepad (.txt) formats from the links below.  The form can also be mailed or faxed; the contact information is on the form itself.

Social Work Addendum Form (MS Word .doc)

Social Work Addendum Form (Notepad .txt)

Additional information for social work applicants:

Sample After Hours Supervisor Schedule (MS Word)

Downloading and completing the Social Work Addendum Form on your computer

1.  Select from the links above either the MS Word or Notepad format Social Work Addendum Form document.



2.  When the "File Download" box opens, select "Save" and save the document to your computer.  The default location is usually the My Documents folder.  You can also choose some other folder or location on your computer.



3.  Once the download is complete, you can select "Open Folder" which will open the folder where the document was placed.  Locate the document in the folder, select it and select "Open" from the "File" menu.



4.  Type the pertinent information onto the form and then select "Save" under the "File" menu.  You can also select "Save As" and give the Addendum form another name while saving the original blank form for future use.

Uploading the Social Work Addendum Form into your online application

 1.  Login to your online application with your user ID and password.



 2.  Select the link at the top, "Applications and Attachments".



 3.  In the section at the bottom, "Cover Letters and Attachments", select the link "+Add Attachment".



 4.  From the "Attachment Type" dropdown menu select "Social Work Addendum".



 5.  The "Attachment Purpose" can be completed with the words "social work application" etc.



 6.  Select the link "Add Attachment" under the menus; this brings up the Browse button.



 7. Select "Browse" to open the Choose File window, find the location on your computer where you saved the Addendum form, select the form and then select "Open".



 8.  Select the "Upload" button.  The name of the form should now be the link below the Type and Purpose menus.



 9.  Select "Save & Return" which will take you back to the central "Applications and Attachments" section.  Select "Find a Job" to return to the vacancy listing in order to apply for jobs etc.

Uploading a Transcript into your online application:

Applicants for social work positions with either Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services or Community Support Services, that do not have degrees in Social Work, are required to provide copies of college transcripts to document social work related coursework.  The best method to submit a transcript is by attaching it to the online application.  This can be accomplished by scanning the transcript as a text file or an image file such as BMP (Bitmap), JPG, TIF or GIF.  These file formats could also be converted to PDF format.  Once the transcript is in a file format, it can be attached in the same manner as the Social Work Addendum Form.  The dropdown menu for Attachment Type has a selection for Transcript.





ALL documents attached will be visible on ALL applications submitted.  If you need to update any documents, select the "trash can" icon at the end of the line to delete the document and then upload a new one.








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