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FAQs: Hotels, Motels, and Similar Lodging Places

Must plans be submitted for a lodging, bed and breakfast home or bed and breakfast inn?
Lodging facilities are required to submit a complete set of plans for review and approval prior to construction of the facility.  If the facility will include a swimming pool or spa, those plans must be submitted separately.  Neither bed and breakfast homes or inns require submission of plans, however, if the establishment is on an individual well or wastewater system, it is important that this department be contacted well in advance so that those items can be reviewed and approved.  Residential swimming pool provided at bed and breakfast homes or inns can not be used generally as they do not meet public swimming pool construction standards.

How can I start operating a lodging, bed and breakfast home or bed and breakfast inn?
At least one week prior to opening, this department must be contacted to set an appointment for a pre-opening inspection of the facility.  Allow additional time for water quality testing if the facility is served by individual well. Operation cannot commence without a valid operating permit from this department. In order to obtain a permit for a new facility, the facility must comply with all of the applicable rules. 

What items are looked for during an inspection?
The health department's primary concern is that the facility is sanitary and free from safety hazards.  Items such as bed and bath linens, mattresses, furniture, bathrooms, carpeting, walls and ceilings are checked to see if they are clean and in good repair. Hot water must be provided, but not at scalding temperature (accepted range is 116°F to 128°F).  Ice, if provided, must be dispensed in a manner that keeps the public's hands out of the storage bins.  If multi-use articles such as drinking cups are provided the facility will have to provide equipment to sanitize those articles between customers.  If any food is provided, the department will also inspect the kitchen facilities.  These facilities may be under separate operating permit and have their own sanitation score.

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