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Pools & Environmental Health Services
The Mecklenburg County Pools & Environmental Health Services (PEHS) section, is a program within the Environmental Health division of the Mecklenburg County Health Department. The PEHS section enforces state rules for the practice of tattooing, the control of mosquito populations, and the operation of public swimming pools.
Each year, public swimming pools must renew their permits to operate and be inspected by Environmental Health staff. Click here for information and resources regarding local and state public swimming pool requirements. The Mecklenburg County Health Ordinance also requires approval to construct a residential swimming pool.
PEHS locally enforces the North Carolina state rules (15NCAC 18A .3200) for the practice of tattooingTattooing is defined as "the inserting of permanent markings or coloration, or the producing of scars, upon or under human skin through puncturing by use of a needle or any other method." Click on the links above for information on obtaining a permit and the tattoo rules & requirements.
Mecklenburg County has a comprehensive mosquito control program which includes education, surveillance, complaint investigation, pest identification, regulation enforcement and control & treatment of mosquito populations. For more information, please click on the above link
PEHS also assesses possible rodent incidence for structures to be demolished or relocated, and responds to citizens' request for services regarding Norway rat incidence or conditions that support rats. Rodent and vector infestation can be destructive, a nuisance, and a public health hazard. PEHS helps control and prevent these public health nuisances. For information demolition or the relocation of structures please click here. For information on rodent control please click here.
The demolition or relocation (also known as moving) of any structure in Mecklenburg County requires the approval of one or more local or State agencies and a building demolition or move-off permit from the County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA). Under the County Rat Control Ordinance, the County's Public Health Pest Management (PHPM) program is one of the agencies required to approve such activities. For more information and the issuance of Demo/Move Permits click here.











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