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Food Safety Recalls

Food Safety Recalls occur when there is a potential for a food item to cause illness. There can be many reasons for a food safety recall, some of which include:

  • The identification or discovery of an organism that could potentially make a person sick.
  • The discovery of an allergen which was not intended to be in the food item. An example of which would be the inclusion of peanuts in a food item that was not intended to have peanuts.
  • The mislabeling or misbranding of a food item.

The food safety widget you see on the right is intended as a tool to provide you with the latest information on current recalls. It also has "Tips" in the tips tab providing information of how to remain food safe.

For further information on food safety or recalls, you may click on the "" on the bottom of the widget or visit any of the following links:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Recalls

U.S. Department of Agriculture Recalls

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