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Lodging and Institutions

There are over 800 lodging and institutional facilities located in Mecklenburg County. The facilities that fall into this category include:

  • Lodging Establishments (Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfast Homes & Inns)
  • Public and Private School Buildings
  • Institutions (Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities) 
  • Residential Care Facility (Group Homes)
  • Local Confinement Facilities (Local Jails)
  • Adult Day Service
  • Mental Health, Disability, and Substance Abuse Facilities (Other Institutions)

Many of these facilities do not require a health department permit and are permitted by state agencies. The number of inspections per facility varies by type. Over 900 inspections are required annually for lodging and institutional facilities as a whole. 

Regulations for these facilities can be found in the DHHS Rules.   

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