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Accidents at Public Swimming Pools

The public swimming pool rules require each pool operator to report any death, serious injury, or complaint of illness attributed by a bather to use of a public swimming pool to the Health Department within two working days of the incident or complaint.  The following information is required to be submitted.

  • Name and telephone number or address of the person injured or making a complaint

  • Date of the incident or onset of illness

  • Description of the type of injury or complaint

  • Name and phone number of the person rendering assistance or first aid

  • Name of any known hospital, rescue squad or physician providing medical assistance

  • Name and phone numbers of available witnesses to the incident.

To assist in reporting accidents and injuries, we have created a  Report of Injury, Illness, or Death Attributed To A Public Swimming Pool form which you can print and use.

Reports may be called in to the Department at (704) 336-5100 or faxed to (704) 336-5306.

Failure to report accidents as required may result in suspension or revocation of the pool operating permit.

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