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New federal law impacting public pools in County

Virginia Graeme Baker Act

One example of a pool coverVirginia Graeme Baker Act A new federal law covering all public pools in the U.S. became effective December 19, 2008. This law, the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Act, mandates that existing and new swimming, whirlpool, wading, and other types of public pools must incorporate design changes in these pools to prevent suction entrapment dangers/hazards to users, particularly young children.

Suction entrapment dangers can occur when swimming pool hydraulic/recirculating systems (e.g. pumps, filters, piping) generate excessive suction at bottom drains and other suction points whereby people can become affixed or attached to these suction points, causing serious injury or death. The current enforcement agency in NC for this new law is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and not local Health Departments. This law contains provisions which also may impact private, residential swimming pools. For more information, see resources below: 

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