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Eat Local - taste the fresh food difference and judge for yourself

Local food has exceptional taste and freshness.

Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped long distances from other states or countries. Fresher food is more nutritious. Local farmers can offer produce varieties bred for taste and freshness rather than for shipping and long shelf life. Local food offers better value for your money. You pay for freshness and taste, not packaging, refrigeration and freight. Find a restaurant sourcing local food.

Grow food in your own backyard!

Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, or even eggplant and squash – the possibilities are endless! Turn your own yard into a local food machine, and share your harvest with your neighbors. Visit for info on how to get started.

Start - or join - a community garden.

Not sure how to start your own garden? Join up with some friends or neighbors, and start a community garden plot where everyone can contribute and reap the benefits of the harvest. Or, purchase a plot in an existing community garden .

Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Find a local farmer that offers weekly deliveries of the latest harvest. Check out a partial listing of CSAs in our area.

Compost your food scraps.

Coffee grounds, egg shells, fruits and vegetables that are past their prime – all of these can be combined to create a great natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden. Visit to learn more about how you can turn your food “garbage” into greatness!

Cook your own meals.

Our culture discourages cooking, portraying it as an “inconvenience” – when it’s actually cheaper, healthier, and fun. Gardening and cooking is a great family activity. Use those fresh veggies and herbs from your own garden to create a wonderfully fresh meal!

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