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The Mecklenburg County Fruit & Veggie Coalition (MCFVC) is excited to announce the selection of our 5 Fruit & Veggie SuperMoms! We had a great response to the contest and it was hard for our selection committee to decide, but we did so with pleasure! 


The winning SuperMoms (left-right) are:
  • Kacy Pleasants, mother of 2
  • Cyrilla Neely, mother of 2
  • Jua
  • wana Colbert, mother of 1
  • Debra Dickson, mother of 2
We used five selection criteria to narrow down the applications:
  1. Are fruits/veggies a part of their family culture?
  2. Do they do their own gardening or go to farmers markets?
  3. Are they currently doing any nutrition or health promotions within the community?
  4. Do they educate their family about the benefits of fruits/veggies?
  5. Are the children involved in cooking or shopping for fruits/veggies?
Each of our winners has a unique story of how she encourages her family to eat and enjoy fruits and vegetables. Thank you to everyone who applied to the contest!

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