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Health Department Fee Schedule

The Health Department fee schedule is subject to change each fiscal year. Below are current fees listed by program.



 Injectable Vaccine Administration; each additional vaccine$13.00
 Injectable Vaccine Administration; single vaccine$15.00
 Oral - Intranasal Administrative; each additional vaccine$12.00
 Oral - Intranasal Vaccine Administration; single vaccine$15.00
ActHib (PRP-T)$25.00
Administrative Attorney/Insurance Request$10.00
Annual Permit (New & Renewal)$50.00
Annual Pools - permit to operate$250.00
Annual Pools - Permit to Operate$370.00
Authorization for Wastewater Construction$200.00
Basic Food Service Worker Certification (2 hours)$50.00
Birth Amendment - Preparation$10.00
Birth Amendment - Preparation of Legitimation$10.00
Birth Amendment/Legitimation$15.00
Birth Amendment/Legitimation$24.00
Birth Amendment/Legitimation$15.00
Birth Amendment/Notary - to County$3.00
Breast Feeding & Child Birth ClassesNo Charge to Patient
CAP AIDS, CAP DA (Disabled Adults) & CAP C (Children)Medicaid Deductible Applies
Care Coordination for Children No Charge to Patient
Certified Birth Certificate$10.00
Certified Death Certificate$10.00
Change in Plot Plan$100.00
Children ages newborn to 15 years of age$56.00 to $508.00
Chlamydia; Amplified Probe$92.00
Class Registration for Contractors$70.00
Community and NTNC Well$100.00
Completion of Immigration Record$25.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$150.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$180.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$210.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$240.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$290.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$450.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$650.00
Contamination Sites/Monitoring Well - Site Fee$850.00
Copies$.05 per page
Culture, Presumptive, Pathogenic Organisms, Screening Only$24.00
Day Care Education Program$10.00
Depo-Provera Injections$73.00
Disability Determination Request$12.00
Document Copies$0.05 per page
Extra Trip Fee$100.00
Extra Trip Fee$100.00
Finger, Heel, Ear Stick$12.00
Flu Mist with administration (intranasal)$40.00
Fluzone  with administration (Intradermal)$34.00
Food Training Tape$10.00
Food/Lodging Plan Review$250.00
General Patient Record/Lab Results per page$1.00
Genital Wart Treatment / Follow-up$0.00
Gram Stain$22.00
Hep A (adult)$53.00
Hep B (adult)$66.00
Hepatitis A - Pediatric/Adolescent$20.00
Hepatitis B - Pediatric/Adolescent$12.00
Hiberix Booster$25.00
High Dose Fluzone with administration (65 yrs+)$46.00
Home Addition, Mobile Home Exchange, Replacement of Mobile Home with New Home Construction (Improvement Permit, Installation, Final Approval)$300.00
Home Addition, Mobile Home Exchange, Replacement of Mobile Home with New Home Construction (Improvement Permit, Installation, Final Approval)$100.00
Home Visit for Newborn & Postpartum AssessmentsNo Charge to Patient
HPV Vaccine (Cervarix)$160.00
HPV Vaccine (Gardasil)$163.00
Immune Globulin$13.00
Implanon Hormonal Implant$943.00
Improvement Permit application (commercial)$450.00
Improvement Permit Application (Commercial)$450.00
Improvement Permit application (residential)$250.00
Improvement Permit Application (Residential)$250.00
Inactivated Poliovirus$30.00
Influenza Vaccine (3 yrs+) with administration$30.00
Influenza Vaccine (6-35 months) with administration$30.00
Installation and Final Approval$200.00
Locating a Septic System$100.00
Marriage License Serology$45.00
Measles, Mumps, Rubella$53.00
Measles,Mumps,Rubella,Varicella (Proquad)$161.00
Medical Nutritional Services$30.00 to $65.00
Mirena IUD Kit & Insertion$780.00
Neisseria Gonorrhoeae; Amplified Probe$92.00
New Registration & Permit$70.00
New Tattoo Artist Permit Annual Fee$225.00
Norplant Removal$248.00
Nurse Consultation$48.00 per person
Occult Blood, Feces$14.00
Optional Site Evaluation$100.00
Oral Contraceptive Pills$9.00 per pack
Other Laboratory Services$12.00 to $92.00
Ova & Parasite Smear$50.00
Pages 100+$0.25
Pages 1-25$0.75
Pages 26-100$0.50
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