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Quality Management
Improving the Quality of Life

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006 requires clinical quality management (CQM) programs as a condition of grant awards. The expectations for Ryan White Program Part A grantees include a quality management program that assess the extent to which HIV health services provided to patients is consistent with the most recent Public Health Services (PHS) guidelines for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and related opportunistic infections as applicable:
  • Assist direct service medical providers funded through the CARE Act in assuring that funded services adhere to established HIV clinical practice standards and Public Health Services Guidelines to the extent possible;
  • Ensure that strategies for improvements to quality medical care include vital health-related supportive services in achieving appropriate access and adherence with HIV medical care; and
  • Ensure that available demographic, clinical and health care utilization information is used to monitor the spectrum of HIV-related illnesses and trends in the local epidemic.
  • Increase consumer input.


Quality Newsletter

September Meeting Change

The Quality Management Committee meeting has been changed to September 23rd, 2011 at 1:00pm. It will still be held at the Hal Marshall Annex (618 North College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202).

QM Committee Seeking Co-Chair

As you know, one of the governing bodies in the TGA is the Quality Management Committee. This Committee has a rotating membership with term limit restrictions. Most vacant positions have been filled, however, we are seeking a new Co-chair. HRSA has allowed the TGA to develop flexibility in that role and we would like to give our consumers an opportunity to spearhead the committee. The Co-chair will need to have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order (parliamentary rules) in conducting a community meeting, as well as some pertinent facts of governmental policy and procedures in regards to HIV/AIDS. In addition the candidate must be able to address groups at the local and state levels and have knowledge of the resources available for both.

If you or members of your staff know of a consumer who may be interested in serving as the QM Co-chair, please contact Valetta Rhinehart at 704-432-5239 or via email for more details and an application no later than September 12th 2011.

Standards of Monitoring

As a condition of award for Fiscal Year 2011, Ryan White Part A and B grantees will be required to meet specific requirements regarding the monitoring of both their grant and their provider/sub-grantees as detailed in the HRSA/HAB Standards for Monitoring.

These standards are not new; rather they are for the first time a consolidated interpretation of monitoring requirements that outline roles and responsibilities for the grantee, sub-grantee and the Project Officer. These standards will: 

  • provide benchmarks that meet federal, legislative and regulatory guidelines
  • represent sound practices for the administration and oversight of Ryan White Programs
  • detail the minimum expectations required to achieve compliance as part of the 2011 Ryan White Part A Grant Award and the 2011 Ryan White B Grant Award
As a background, the development of these standards are based on a number of events:
  1. increased publicity about lack of sub-grantee monitoring among specific jurisdictions;
  2. strong recommendations from the OIG on development standards for grantees based on their findings of inconsistent grantee monitoring; and
  3. audit findings pointing to weak oversight of sub-grantees.

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