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Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Flooding -Be PreparedWhile most residents of Mecklenburg County don't think of hurricanes as threats to our region, it is possible that we can be impacted by these large, powerful storms. High winds can bring down electrical power and communication lines. 

Without electricity, municipal water and sewage plants will not be able to clean water and food will spoil in refrigerators. Wells supplying drinking water can be contaminated by flood waters. Roads can become impassible from flood waters or fallen debris. Food stores and pharmacies could be closed. Loved ones can be left separated from each other. Tornadoes can be spawned, extending the scope of wind damage. 

Obviously, hurricanes and other natural disasters that strike this region would greatly impact our health and lives. That's why it is important to take some time to think through what you need to have and what you need to do in order to handle such disasters, BEFORE they happen.

To assist you through this planning process, the Mecklenburg County Health Department has compiled a list of fact sheets and web sites that link to information on hurricane hazards and how you can prepare yourself for such threats. We hope you find this information interesting and useful.

Fact Sheets
Courtesy of Centers of Disease Control

Web sites

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