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Olde Providence Walk/Bike-to-School Day
Boy walking to school
January 7, 2011

Olde Providence Elementary School held its monthly walk/bike-to-school event yesterday and it was captured by Fox News Rising’s Wilson’s World.  The weather was a big question mark as the morning’s low 30s, clouds and brief rain made the idea of a walk less than ideal.  But we were dealing with students, parents and staff who feel very strongly about their gatherings and the opportunities for the group to get outside and be active. 

Although we didn't see the 400+ students who walked during October’s International Walk to School Day, there were enough people out yesterday to prompt motorists to honk greetings as the excited group moved east on Rea Rd. 

Interested in organizing a walk-to-school event? Feel free to contact Dick Winters, Safe Routes to Coordinator at 704 432-4596 for advice.

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