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About Us
Through the Healthy Weight, Healthy Child  (HWHC) Initiative various stakeholders in the community aim to meet the mission and vision of the Initiative while working to reverse the childhood obesity trend in Mecklenburg County.

For all children in our community to have healthy weights in healthy bodies.


To develop a community collaboration that engages and excites people and develops a compelling, achievable plan to promote healthy weights in children.

The Healthy Weight, Healthy Child (HWHC) Initiative was a year-long planning process from September 2009 to September 2010 with the ultimate goal of developing an action plan, or blueprint, for Mecklenburg County to utilize to address the issues of healthy lifestyles for children and childhood obesity in the county. The action plan, The Blueprint for a Healthier Generation, 2020, includes environmental policy, institutional policy, public awareness, and targeted community interventions that the community, stakeholders, and community can implement to address this important issue. The process to develop the action plan included building a coalition to enhance community collaboration around the issues of healthy eating and active living  and conducting a community assessment to understand the needs of the community.
Current Status

At present time, the HWHC Initiative has entered into the implementation phase, focused on garnering support and funding for the interventions prioritized in The Blueprint for a Healthier Generation, 2020.

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