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Blueprint for a Healthier Generation, 2020
The HWHC Initiative’s primary objective for the planning year was to develop a county-wide action plan, or blueprint, that would aim to reach the following two overarching goals:
  • Combat and prevent childhood obesity in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and
  • Ensure access to resources that promote and encourage active living and healthy eating for all children and their families in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County.
The initiative, along with local policymakers and officials, key stakeholders, and community members should focus efforts on reaching these goals over the next three years. 

To reach these goals, the blueprint includes 13 sub-goals, 29 strategies, and numerous interventions that were identified through a community-based participatory research process. For each strategy, the specific interventions – whether environmental policy, institutional policy, public education, or targeted programs –are designated by priority level, i.e. high, medium, or low. The priority level was determined through the community assessment process.
In 2013, the blueprint will be assessed to determine if the goals, sub-goals, strategies, and interventions are addressing the health of all children in Mecklenburg County.


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