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Create a Worksite Wellness Team

How to start your worksite wellness team.

  1. Locate Wellness Advocates:
    Advertise within your company that a Worksite Wellness Team is being formed and ask if those interested in creating a healthier worksite would like to be a part of the team.
  2. Identify Team Leaders
    Team leaders who are enthusiastic about wellness and have the ability to motivate others are critical to the success of the team. 
  3. Identify Time To Meet
    Choose a time that is convenient for all members and publish meeting schedule.
  4. Complete Self Assessment and Make Recommendations
    Make a copy of the completed Self Assessment for all Team members and ask for their input on changes they would like to see made. Find out what is most important to them and delegate responsibilities to those who would be advocates.
  5. Team Diversity
    The more diverse the Team the more effective it will be in reaching all employees. Remember to invite everyone from management to the mailroom, they will all have a part in the improvements being made.
Ways to Improve Attendance
  • Personally inviting employees that are known to be interested in health and wellness such as those that bike to work, walk during breaks or lunch, exercise regularly, are interested in nutrition or weight loss, etc.

  • Network with other departments to identify employees that may have an interest in joining the committee and ensure they get a personal invitation.
  • If budget allows, offer lunch, healthy snacks or other incentives.


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