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Keys to a Successful Worksite Wellness Program

Below are some tips to help make your wellness program a success.

1.  Meet Regularly
Be sure to hold regular Worksite Wellness Committee Meetings and ask each employee advocate to report on their progress and employee involvement. Advocates will be more likely to keep up with their program if they know they are accountable for their progress.

2.   Offer Employee Incentives
Using incentives and giveaways is a great way to create excitement about a new program. It has been shown that by offering incentives to a new wellness program it greatly increases employee participation and success. See a complete list of Employee Incentives to find ideas within your company’s budget.

3.  Start Small
Changing the culture of your worksite to one of wellness is difficult. By taking small steps and being consistent you will have much more success and happier employees. Trying to change everything at once will only wear out your advocates and frustrate your employees. Using the Planning Worksheets will give you a direction to aim for and you will have all the ideas organized when you’re ready for the next change.

4.  Listen to Employee Input
Create simple surveys to gather anonymous input from employees about programs you have implemented. They may have some great ideas or be interested in getting involved in planning and advocating for change. 

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