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How to Choose and Install a Bike Rack For Your Office

A bicycle rack should:

  • When used as designed, allow locking the bicycle frame and one wheel to the rack using a U-lock.
  • Support the bicycle by the frame, not by the wheel. Avoid racks that support bicycles by the wheel as those are more likely to damage the bicycle and provide little security.
  • Be in a clearly visible location within 50 feet of the entrance it serves. Multiple buildings should have multiple racks, not a distant combined rack area.
  • Be firmly anchored to the ground on a hard surface.
  • Be in a location with sufficient light to permit monitoring and allow users to see their way.
  • Allow space for maneuvering the bicycle without having to move another bicycle and far enough from a wall to allow comfortable access for a bike and rider.
  • If possible, be located under a building overhang or awning to protect the bicycle from inclement weather.
  • Examples of bike racks favored by bicyclists.

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