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Encourage Biking to Work

"Ride my bike to work in Charlotte? Are you crazy?"

woman riding a bikeAre you a cyclist who's convinced that there's no safe route to work? No safe place to leave your bicycle? No good way to clean up after your ride? Well, some Charlotte cyclists have found solutions to all these challenges. They use routes and techniques that can, in many cases, make a bicycle trip to and from work at least as safe and enjoyable as a weekend training ride.

Charlotte's Bicycle Commuter Mentor Program (BCMP) is a group of cycling enthusiasts who want to help other Charlotteans try out cycling to work. Whether it's every day, once a week, or just on the prettiest days – if you've ever thought, "Why don't I ride to work?" we want to help you make it happen!

The BCMP can:

  • suggest equipment, routes, and technique,
  • ride with you on your first trip to work,
  • offer ongoing encouragement and advice, and
  • include you in a supportive community of like-minded bike commuters.

If you are not confident in biking the entire distance to work you can bike to a CATS bus location that is a comfortable distance from your home. Every CATS bus is equipped with a bike rack. Visit the CATS website at, City of Charlotte, Transit System (CATS) to find the CATS stop nearest your home and work and for information on how to safely stow your bike on the bus.

For most trips, five miles is only 20-25 minutes by bicycle...and a lot healthier than driving. You may even be able to get to work just as quickly by bike as by car and also get the added health and environmental benefits!

To learn more about the Bike Commuter Mentor Program visit

Contributed by the Charlotte Department of Transportation Bicycle Program.

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