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Examples of Bike Racks Favored by Bicyclists

bike inverted u stand
Inverted U

inverted u series
Inverted U Series

wave style stand

post and ring stand
Post & Ring


How to Properly Secure Your Bicycle

proper locking technique Use a lock to secure the wheel AND the frame to the rack.


Bicycle Racks: What to AVOID 

improper locking 1 Though once popular in schoolyards, racks which support only the wheel are sometimes referred to as “wheel benders” due to their potential for damaging a bicycle. They also offer little in the way of security. Due to these problems, many cyclists will not use these racks and instead will lock bikes to nearby sturdy objects such as a signpost or handrail. At right you can see how the bike was simply removed leaving the wheel behind.
improper locking 2 Another example of a poorly designed bicycle rack. The only secure place to lock the rack to the frame is at the end, as shown at left.

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