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Exercise Classes without an Instructor
woman doing yoga

What you will need:

  1. An empty office, conference room with moveable tables or other large area.
  2. You will need a TV with a VCR or DVD player either in place in room or one that can be moved to that location.
  3. Have employees bring favorites from home or use resources from an onsite video library (see tips for starting one below) or public library. You can go online to see what videos are available at your local library.
  4. Have an employee advocate schedule classes and choose videos. You can schedule classes before work, after work or during lunchtime.

Begin an Exercise Video Library

  1. Ask employees to donate their old fitness videos.
  2. Create sign in/out list for videos. Ask for a one month return time to ensure they are not forgotten or lost.
  3. You may want to begin a rating system so employees will know which videos are most popular and which ones should be donated to charity.  

View our Sample Physical Activity Waiver.


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