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How to Hold a Wii® Party

nintendo wii party 2The Nintendo Wii® is a popular way to be active at home so why not try it out at the office? It's easy to set up in a conference room and employees will be moving and laughing their way through the lunch hour.

Here are some tips to hold a successful Wii Party at work:

Get the Equipment. Purchase a Nintendo Wii Sports with an extra Wii Remote and Nun-chuck. Prices vary but range from around $300 - $400. Purchase additional remotes and nun-chucks to allow up to four players to participate at a time. You may be able to borrow a Wii from an employee before purchasing to test it out.

Advertise the Wii Party. Give employees a couple weeks advance notice that you will be having a Wii Party. Use email, flyers and personal invitations.

Make Room to Be Active. Clear out tables and extra chairs to avoid injury. Have seating available in the back of the roomnintendo wii party 1 to keep observers safe from golf swings and tennis back hands.

Choose Games and Limit Times. Allow employees to select games that are shorter in length so more people will have the opportunity to participate. For example: In Tennis choose 3 games for a quick match or in Golf select 9 holes.

Sign Up for Fun. Create a sign up sheet so everyone can participate in the game of their choice. This will help keep things moving and allow more employees to participate.

Round 1 Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Play it Safe
. Ask if anyone has shoulder, neck or back problems that would be aggravated by using the Wii. The Nintendo Wii is an active game that can cause injury. You may have participants sign a waiver, if necessary.


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