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Sample Policy - Breaks in Meetings

Feel free to use the sample language below in developing your policy. 

For use within any organization/agency or community group.


________________________________________-(fill in your worksite name here) is concerned
about the health of our employees.


People have become more and more interested in eating better and being more active;


Both heart disease, cancer and stroke --the top three causes of death in North Carolina--are largely affected by what we eat and how active we are;


Regular physical activity provides for increased quality of life through improved endurance, strength, flexibility and balance, as well as reduced risk of chronic diseases, injury and perception of stress;


Effective _____________(today's date), it is the policy of _______________________________ (fill in your organizations name) that all meetings will be opportunities for physical activity. Either by holding a “Walking Meeting” or taking a Physical Activity Break at the beginning or in the middle of a scheduled meeting.

This policy has been established to give all employees the opportunity to participate in physical activity during the workday. Participation is voluntary and subject to the employees' level of fitness and ability to move.

Ideas for Fun Physical Activity at Meetings

Meeting breaks are great opportunities for workers to get some physical activity every day. You don't have to be an aerobics instructor to lead a physical activity break. Just remember to have fun and be safe.

A Physical Activity Break is:

  • Completely voluntary.
  • Movement at one's own pace that is comfortable and does not cause pain.
  • 3 to 10 minutes long, gets the muscles warm, and the heart pumping.
  • A reason to smile & an energizer for the rest of the meeting.

A Physical Activity Break Does Not Need to:

  • Make people sweat.
  • Cause pain or discomfort.
  • Be professionally organized or led.

Simple Tips on How to Lead a Physical Activity Break

  • Physical activity breaks can take place anywhere (e.g., inside the meeting room, outside the room, outside
    the building, or even in your chair).
  • Ensure sufficient space and clearance for everyone to avoid injury.
  • Advise participants to do only what feels good and to stop immediately if anything hurts.

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