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Sample Policy - Flexible Work Schedules and Breaks
For use within any organization/agency or community group.


<fill in your worksite name here> is concerned about the health of our employees.


People have become more and more interested in eating better and being more active;


Both heart disease, cancer and stroke --the top three causes of death in North Carolina--are largely affected by what we eat and how active we are;


Regular physical activity provides for increased quality of life through improved endurance, strength, flexibility and balance, as well as reduced risk of chronic diseases, injury and perception of stress;


Effective <insesrt date>, it is the policy of  <insert your organizations name> that all employees will have opportunities to participate in physical activity during the workday.

  • Supportive Schedules To Allow Physical Activity: Flexible Work Schedules
    Flexible work schedules can include: Working through lunch to leave early to exercise, coming in 30 minutes early or staying 30 minutes late to allow a long lunch for exercise.
  • Supportive Schedules To Allow Physical Activity: Activity Breaks
    Employees will be allowed two 10-15 minute breaks during an eight hour work day. This time will allow employees to take a walk, go up or down the stairs or stretch at their desk.
  • Identification of Physical Activity Opportunities
    Examples include provision of map with walking routes and local attractions; identification of recreational and exercise facilities; organization of walking groups and other group activities.

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Adapted from a variety of materials by the Physical Activity & Nutrition Unit Π February 2003
State of North Carolina - Department of Health and Human Services - Division of Public Health - Health Promotion Branch - Dr. Leah Devlin Acting State Health Director


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