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Combat Stress with Rest and Relaxation Rooms

Why a Rest and Relaxation Room?

Man stretchingWhen stress becomes chronic, lasting for long periods of time without moments of rest or relaxation, it can result in serious physical or psychological problems. Some of these health problems include anxiety or depressive disorder, heart disease and stroke, weight fluctuations, and sleeping difficulty. Therefore, it is important to reduce the stress we experience in our daily lives. Rest and Relaxation rooms in the workplace provide an outlet for employees to reduce their stress at work. Providing a room for your employees to engage their senses in soothing sounds, visuals, and calming scents will allow them to reduce stress and blood pressure and prepare them to be alert and productive the rest of the day.

Relaxation Rooms Features

  • massage chairs
  • foot massagers
  • hand held back massagers
  • aromatherapy machines and lotions
  • bottled water and fruit bowl
  • comfortable couches and blankets
  • soothing music
  • trickling fountains
  • alarm clock
  • lamps
  • plants
  • pictures of nature scenes

How to Run your Relaxation Room

  • Use a sign up sheet (only allow appointments for the current day)
  • Book in 15 minute increments
  • Have employees sign a use agreement and waiver
  • Do not use candles
  • Room can also be used as a nursing room

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