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Consider Edible Landscaping

You can easily improve the outdoor environment by adding alternative landscaping to create access to fresh herbs and produce for your employees as well as a habitat for birds and animals.

edible landscapingIdeas for Edible Landscapes

  • Use basil with coleus as a soft accent.
  • Use oregano or strawberries as a ground cover.
  • Use rosemary as a shrub instead of boxwoods.
  • Use a Red Current plant as a colorful accent.
  • Plant a fruit tree in the corner of your property.
  • Grow Red-jewel Cabbage or yellow or "rainbow" chard.
  • Plant colorful pepper varieties (e.g., Lipstick, Habanero) alongside flowers.
  • Tuck lettuce, radishes, or other short-lived greens into a flower bed.
  • Grow chives.
  • Train raspberries up your fence.

Encourage employees to get involved in the process, they will probably enjoy and opportunity to get their hands dirty at lunch or after work. If you are concerned about being overwhelmed, just start small, begin with container gardens on the patio and go from there.

Adapted from Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet, Horticulture and Crop Science, Edible Landscaping

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