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Stairwell Makeover

Improve the use of your stairwells by creating an inviting atmosphere.

  • photo of a stairwellImprove lighting in stairwells, make sure they are bright and safe.
  • Paint walls in vibrant colors.
  • Add flame retardant rubber treads to stairs to help cushion the steps.
  • Install flame retardant carpeting.
  • Flame retardant picture frames (mount photos on flame resistant board, enclosed in glass with metal frames) Print pictures off the internet for free, have them blown up and framed to create a more interesting environment. There are many online photo shops where you can purchase a 20x30 photo for less than $30. You may want to offer a contest between employees to submit their favorite photos with the best photos being displayed in the stairwells.
  • Add music to the environment, add a sound system.
  • Include signs at the elevator and stairwells to encourage employees to take the stairs. CDC Stairwell Signs is a great resource to print signs or make your own.
photo of a stairwell   photo of improved stairwell
Before   After

photo of stairwell
photo of improved stairwell
Before   After


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