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Healthy Food List Nutrition Criteria

Food Criteria

  • Grain products must have whole-grain listed as the first ingredient and contain no artificial sweeteners or dyes.
  • Fruit, nuts and seeds must not have any added sugar listed in the ingredients
  • Frozen entrees must have at least 1 serving of a fruit or vegetable

Nutrient Criteria

All foods should have:

  • < 35% total calories from fat, excluding nuts and seeds (grams of fat x 9 kcals/gram ÷ total calories x 100)
  • < 10% total calories from saturated fat
    (grams of saturated fat x 9 kcals/gram ÷ total calories x 100)
  • < 1% total calories from trans fat
  • < 35% total weight from sugar and caloric sweeteners, excluding fruits and vegetables that have not been processed with added sweeteners (grams of sugar ÷ product weight in grams x 100)

Cereal should also have:

  • > 3 g fiber per serving

Frozen entrees and canned soups should also have:

  • < 800 mg sodium per serving


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