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Healthy Vending Options
The following list can help guide you to healthy pre-packaged snacks. The snacks are whole-grains, fruits, nuts or seeds low in fat, saturated fat and trans fat. They are limited in sodium and sugar and do not contain artificial sweeteners.
Healthy Choices Examples
Low-Fat Popcorn
  • Pop Secret 94% Fat Free
  • Jolly Time Healthy Pop
  • 94% Fat Free Orville Redenbacher
Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Wheat Thins Multi-Grain
  • Triscuits, any flavor
Baked Tortilla Chips
  • Snyder's Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips
  • Frito Lay Baked Tostitos Scoops
Rice Cakes
  • Quaker Multigrain Cakes, any flavor
Unsweetened Cereal
  • Post Shredded Wheat
  • General Mills Cheerios Cereal
  • Kashi Go Lean
Granola Bars
  • Kashi Chewy Granola Bars, any flavor
  • Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch
  • Nature Valley Maple Brown Sugar
  • Nature Valley Oats' N Honey
  • Nature Valley Pecan Crunch
  • Nature Valley Peanut Butter
  • Nature Valley Roasted Almond
Dried Fruit
  • Sun Maid Raisins, Currants, Fruit Bits, Apricots and Figs
  • Sunsweet Apricots and Dried Plums
  • Fruit & Veggie Crunchies, Strawberries and Raspberries
  • Stretch Island Fruit Leather, any flavor
Nuts and Seeds
  • Blue Diamond Almonds
Refrigerated Units - Healthy Choices
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Canned Fruit (lite or packed in own juice)
  • Mini Carrots and Other Pre-Packaged Vegetables
  • Salads with Low-Fat/Non-Fat Dressing
  • Canned Vegetable-Based Soups
  • Yogurt
  • String Cheese
  • Low-Fat Pudding
  • Beverages - Healthier Choices
    • Water and Flavored Water
    • Non-Fat and 1% Low-Fat Milk, Flavored and Unflavored
    • 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juices
    • Tea – Regular and Herb Teas – Hot or Cold; Unsweetened
    Snacks - Healthier Choices
    • Animal Crackers
    • Baked Chips
    • Chex Mix
    • Graham Crackers
    • Goldfish Crackers
    • Pretzels

    Please note:

    • The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend peanuts and tree nuts before the age of 3 due to the risk of food allergies and whole peanuts and tree nuts before the age of 4 due to the risk of choking.
    • Peanuts and tree nuts and products containing these ingredients should not be served to children, or in the same location/facility of children, who have a nut allergy.
    • This is not an exhaustive list and inclusion on this list does not serve as an endorsement by the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

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