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Sample Policy - Cafeteria Nutrition Policy
Minimum Nutrition Standards for Foods and Beverages Served in the Cafeteria
  1. Meals
    One of each of the following shall be offered:
    a. Non-fried entree
    b. Sauteed, steamed, or fresh vegetables with no added fat
    c. Fresh, frozen, dried or canned (in juice) fruit with no added sweeteners
    d. Whole-grain breads, rolls, etc.
  2. Salad Bars
    50% of options shall be a one or a combination of the following:
    a. Fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, etc.
    b. Fresh fruits such as peaches, grapes, bananas, etc.
    c. Beans such as green beans, kidney beans, garbanzo or chickpeas, etc.
    d. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.
    e. Salad dressings shall be offered in single serving packets or shall be served with no larger than 1 oz ladles.
    f. Salad dressings shall be clearly labeled.
    g. At least 2 reduced-fat salad dressings shall be offered.
  3. Desserts
    50% of desserts offered shall be one or a combination of the following:
    a. Yogurt, low-fat
    b. Frozen yogurt, low-fat
    c. Pudding, low-fat
    d. 100% frozen fruit products with no added sweeteners
    e. Fresh fruit with no added sweeteners
  4. Snacks/Foods
    50% of snacks/foods offered shall meet the following criteria:
    a. < 35% total calories from fat, excluding nuts and seeds
    b. < 10% total calories from saturated fat
    c. < 1% total calories from trans fat
    d. < 35% total weight from sugar and caloric sweeteners, excluding fruits and vegetables that have not been processed with added sweeteners
    e. Item selection should prioritize whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and nuts and seeds.
  5. Beverages
    50% of beverages offered shall be one or a combination of the following:
    a. Water and flavored water
    b. Non-fat or 1% low fat milk, flavored or unflavored
    c. 100% fruit/vegetable juice
    d. Tea, regular and herb, hot or cold; unsweetened
    e. Coffee
    f. All other non-caloric beverages, including diet sodas
    g. With product availability, beverages shall be no greater than 12 ounces, except for water, with a preference for juices in 6-8 ounce portions.
  6. Consultation:
    Fit City Challenge staff will be available to consult with cafeteria staff on item selection, healthy item identification strategies and consumer outreach and education.

    * Advertising shall include advertising only of foods/beverages that meet the standards.

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