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Sample Policy - Food Donated by Employees
Although we appreciate the generosity of employees who donate special food items to share with their coworkers too often those items are unhealthy and can hinder employees' efforts to eat a healthy diet.  As we recognize the importance of eating healthier and avoiding sweets and high fat foods we would like to request that any items donated by employees be relatively healthy. 


________________________ is concerned about the health of our visitors and employees;


People have become more and more interested in eating better and being more active;


Both heart disease and cancer-the number one and two causes of death in North Carolina-are largely affected by what we eat and how active we are;


Foods such fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, and low fat dairy products are better choices for preventing many diseases.


Effective ________________, it is the policy of _______________________ that all food brought into the break areas or cafeterias to be shared by employees must be reasonably healthy.

If you have a question about whether an item you would like to share is healthy please contact __________________________ at ___________________ to verify if this item would benefit the health of the employees.

Thank you for your participation as we strive to make our work environment a place of health and wellness.

_____________________________      _____________________________________
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