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Soda vs. Water: It's YOUR choice
If you drink two 12-ounce sodas every day for 1 month you will drink about 5 pounds of sugar and more than 8,000 calories. The average person would have to walk about 100 miles to burn that many calories.

 12 oz Can Soda


16 oz Water

Calories 140 - 170   Calories 0
Sodium 35 - 50 mg   Sodium 0
Carbs 35 - 47 g   Carbs 0
Sugar 35 - 47 g   Sugar 0
Nutritional Value: None   Nutritional Value: Priceless

Every calorie counts, think before you buy.

Why Drink Water?

water bottle
For ENERGY: Water helps absorption of nutrients in body giving you more energy.

For HEALTH: Water moves toxins out of body helping to prevent illness.

For BEAUTY: Water keeps skin looking healthy and fresh.

For OXYGEN: Water helps your body move oxygen through your blood stream.

For WEIGHT LOSS: Drinking more water will help you feel full more quickly, so you will eat less.



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